Murdered: Soul Suspect Review

Murdered starts off with the main character Ronan a cop in Salem Massachusetts chasing the games villain the Bell Killer. Within seconds Ronan is murdered by the Bell Killer and finds out that he is still attached to the world.

The gameplay centers mainly on finding clues to solve an investigation. The investigations either take place in one room or in an outdoor area. If you move too far away from an investigation site the game will let you know through text that you are too far away and will not find any clues. Once enough clues have been found Ronan will need to select certain clues in order to progress the story. Picking the wrong clues has no negative impact and will lock them from future use.

The other large game mechanic is possession. This is when Ronan hops into a living thing and can persuade them to think certain thoughts, eavesdrop, and listen to their thoughts. Very few times has possessing a random person and listening to their thoughts been rewarding. The best part about possession is taking over cats which have a lot of maneuverability and the ability to make them meow.

Moving around the game world ranges from interesting to why did they even add the ability to walk through walls into the game. Most of the walls are blue or unpassthoughable by ghosts really detracting from how cool it is to walk through walls, fences, tables, garbage trucks, and planks.

There are enemy encounters in the game. These focus on a demon patrolling a certain area. There are really only two options for these encounters. The first option is to just book it and possess the empty areas (which throw off the demons for a few second) and try to make it to the next part of the level. The other option is to dissolve the demon by sneaking up behind them and “finishing” them. There are ethereal crows positioned around the encounter that when activated will distract the demons allowing for easier takedowns or sneaking.

Side quests are mostly just an investigation centering on trying to figure out what happened to some unlucky soul. None of them seemed interesting and mostly just filler. Also there are TONS of collectibles.

The story starts off interesting with your death. It then becomes boring with very few plot points to keep things interesting. With one sort-of twist at the end the story.

Overall Murdered: Soul Suspect is technically fine with few to no glitches. The game is a point and click with a lackluster story and annoying clue hunting mechanics. Without good gameplay or a compelling story it is hard to recommend the game for anyone.


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