Halo: The Master Chief Collection Review


Now that all or most of the bugs in the Halo: MCC have been patched or going to be patched have been done, I would say this game has had massive improvements!

Now this is the first time all four Master Chief Halo games have been on one disc and it is spectacular. There are multiple options to play these 4 games and in any order you want as well. Also each game has forge options and each has their own options within Forge, except Halo; CE. As well as Matchmaking of course.

For Matchmaking, when the game first came out they had a huge choice selection of Playlist to play in. Unfortunately they have taken a few of them down, but have been adding them back slowly but surely. Currently there are these Playlist:

Team Halo 2: Anniversary (Ranked)

Halo Championship Series ( Halo 2A)

Team Slayer (Halo 1-3)

Big Team Battle (Halo 1-4)

Halo 2 classic

Halo 3

SWAT (Halo 2/A & 4)

One of the new things for the Halo games in the Halo: MCC is the Halo 2: Anniversary addition. It comes with a total of 6 remade maps from the original Halo 2. Warlord (Warlock remake), Lockdown (Lockout remake), Zenith (Ascension remake), Shrine (Sanctuary remake), Stonetown (Zanzibar remake) and Bloodline (Coagulation remake). All are beautiful and the maps that do happen to have mongooses like Bloodline and Stonetown, there are Gungoose’s.

The Gungoose is basically a mongoose with two turrets attached to it. The difficulty of using these guns is moderately difficult, it does take some skill to use this vehicle with its guns.

Now the Terminals in this game are of course still there and some new ones for Halo: CEA and some for Halo 2. Most of the Terminals are shown on the third party app Halo Channel which is the new Halo News Hub for all Halo content to be published from 343i or through 343i. There are also skulls in the games as well to be found and collected for Gamer Score points.

For playing the campaign there are Playlist for them as well, like being able to play on the missions that involve Master Chief or the Arbiter, Boss missions, Vehicle missions and more.

As for customization in the game, there is a plethora of nameplates to choose from and they each are unlocked by playing the game and achieving or discovering things within the game. For armor customization, not much is given just the regular color choices and only full suits of armor, no more being able to wear different pieces and having a mix of chest, arms, helmet and such. For emblems they are all there plus some new ones to be achieved and unlocked.

Over all I would say this game, even though had its rough beginning, has made it to where it needs to be in a good amount of time. If you have a Xbox One, this is one game you should grab, especially if you have never played any of them, all fours games for the price of one and a huge multitude of other extras. So I give it a 9 out of 10 just because they did happen to take a little bit of their sweet time to fix some issues, with out enough info to the public of their plans.


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