Falling Titans


Titanfall feels different from other shooters the moment you start the game up. The tutorial starts in a simulator that give you a brief overview of the core game mechanics. From the start it feels new, exciting, and a little bit scary.

When the jumping portion showed up I began to wonder how in the hell am I going to pull this off while shooting at other players? (Not well) but that’s not the point. The ability to seemingly fly around does make it harder to shoot someone but it also will get you to the next vantage point to begin picking off enemies.

Another factor that makes Titanfall different from the competition is the inclusion of Computer Controlled bots into the multiplayer. At first these bots seem to be extraneous and entirely too stupid. The more I played the game however I came to the conclusion that they are necessary and entirely too much fun.

The bots serve more of a purpose than to just be fodder. Chiefly they help to bring your titan in quicker. A titan is a large metal monster of death that can trample and annihilate all but the most determined of ground opposition, or another titan.

Bots also allow for a more meta game mechanic that works to weed out campers (mainly in attrition) and revealing enemy players blips on the minimap (unless thy are using a silenced weapon)

Titanfall has 5 gameplay modes, Attrition (team death match), Last Titan Standing (1 life with 1 titan), Capture the Flag, Hardpoint Domination (capture and hold), and Pilot Hunter (killing bots does not add to score only titan time)

One of the things I came to like is the slim weapon selection that Titanfall offers. The reason that it is nice to have little choice is that the most powerful weapon for each traditional category is the only option. This philosophy is translated into weapon attachments as well with only a few choice options for each weapons.

Unfortunately even with the small arsenal there is no cosmetic customizations which is disappointing to say the least.

The wierdest choice that Titanfall makes is the “Campaign” which is the exact same multiplayer with a different intro and ending scene. The biggest problem with the campaign is that it segregates the playerbase and is looking more and more empty by the day as players that have finished move to regular matchmaking playlists.

Overall Titanfall is an immensely fun game that pumps the action up to 11. However it does feel a bit light on content.

Overall a well made first step by Respawn that will hopefully iterate and add more content in the future. Gameplay is king in Titanfall and it shows and elevates the game even when other parts seem to be missing content.



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