Xbox Live and PSN Down Due to Hacker Squad


So both Xbox Live and PSN have been knocked down this Christmas morning on 12/25/14. The group responsible for this or taking the blame for is called the “Lizard Squad”. They have a small request in order for them to stop their shenanigans, just to retweet their tweets or follow some of their friends. No one has yet to followup their request to have a certain amount of retweets or followers.

As for Microsoft and Sony explaining the issue to their consumers, they haven’t said a thing stating it was this “Lizard Squad”. They do have their Online┬áStatus up and available to watch when it is fixed. But seeing it has taken almost the entire day, who knows how long it will go for.

If you want to follow or check out this “Lizard Squad” go here.

Xbox Live Status

PSN Online Status

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