White Poeple Suck or At Least They Do In Far Cry 4



New Fracry 4 Gameplay!

Although what happens is despicable it is odd the the “Silent Protagonist has” a face that looks like it wants to talk real bad. He may well come with a voice. The trailer makes it seem like the villain is known by the protagonist which could make for an interesting plot. However after the last Farcry game there were many cries of empty white guy saves colored race. I guess we will have to see if the next Farcry does a better job of racial inequality and addressing real issues. Lets be honest the last Farcry, independent of the authors intents came off as white guy saving non whites then getting some. Yeah he got shanked if he got some but most of the points were far too subtle. Hopefully this Farcry is able to get across the point it wants to make instead of the points popular media decides.


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  1. Im all over this one! Note….the site now works on droid phones!

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