How We Review

Scores are rated based off of 5 being an average game. For example if a game works is mildly enjoyable and has a limited amount  of bugs it would be awarded a score of 5.

The scoring also attempts to take into account past scores and place grade against them.

The following graph shows the scores for previously reviewed games. The x-axis is the scale from 1-10 of scores a game can earn and the y-axis shows how many games were scored at each of the half point increments.

Theoretically 5.0 should have the most games scored while 10.0’s and 0.0’s should have the lowest. This may not end up being the case because there is not enough time to review every game that comes out.

These graphs are updated every two weeks to show the general sentiment of the sites reviews.


Past Review Scores

Past Review Scores


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