Forza Horizon 2 Review

Forza Horizon 2 is an enjoyable game just like most racing games these days like Need for Speed and the new title The Crew.  Now I have not played The Crew yet so I can not say it is like most racing games, but Forza H2 is unfortunately.

Don’t get me wrong it is still a wonderful game to play alone or with friends! Their are driving trips called road trips and it allows you and your friends to go for a nice drive across the country of France and Italy and a few places around and in between for DLC.

What I mean by Forza H2 being just like any racing game is the challenges to go for and the story line, and of course how much can you really stretch out with a racing game before you take away a good chunk of the racing! Well they have done it! But wait you may say I am now contradicting my self, but no. Because even though they have the same challenges their is a huge variety of cars and classes to choose from along with the classic tuning and customizing every Forza is known for.

Not only is the customization is what is an amazing part of this game, but also the open world! It is a huge place honestly. Bigger than I expected (that’s what she said) and is practically a free roaming area besides buildings and some fences.

Here is a real-life example of what is in the game:

Overall It is a great game and has a decent story being that it has you switch your class every time you win that championship. And again the huge load of choices to choose in cars, tuning and body work.


Halo: The Master Chief Collection Review


Now that all or most of the bugs in the Halo: MCC have been patched or going to be patched have been done, I would say this game has had massive improvements!

Now this is the first time all four Master Chief Halo games have been on one disc and it is spectacular. There are multiple options to play these 4 games and in any order you want as well. Also each game has forge options and each has their own options within Forge, except Halo; CE. As well as Matchmaking of course.

For Matchmaking, when the game first came out they had a huge choice selection of Playlist to play in. Unfortunately they have taken a few of them down, but have been adding them back slowly but surely. Currently there are these Playlist:

Team Halo 2: Anniversary (Ranked)

Halo Championship Series ( Halo 2A)

Team Slayer (Halo 1-3)

Big Team Battle (Halo 1-4)

Halo 2 classic

Halo 3

SWAT (Halo 2/A & 4)

One of the new things for the Halo games in the Halo: MCC is the Halo 2: Anniversary addition. It comes with a total of 6 remade maps from the original Halo 2. Warlord (Warlock remake), Lockdown (Lockout remake), Zenith (Ascension remake), Shrine (Sanctuary remake), Stonetown (Zanzibar remake) and Bloodline (Coagulation remake). All are beautiful and the maps that do happen to have mongooses like Bloodline and Stonetown, there are Gungoose’s.

The Gungoose is basically a mongoose with two turrets attached to it. The difficulty of using these guns is moderately difficult, it does take some skill to use this vehicle with its guns.

Now the Terminals in this game are of course still there and some new ones for Halo: CEA and some for Halo 2. Most of the Terminals are shown on the third party app Halo Channel which is the new Halo News Hub for all Halo content to be published from 343i or through 343i. There are also skulls in the games as well to be found and collected for Gamer Score points.

For playing the campaign there are Playlist for them as well, like being able to play on the missions that involve Master Chief or the Arbiter, Boss missions, Vehicle missions and more.

As for customization in the game, there is a plethora of nameplates to choose from and they each are unlocked by playing the game and achieving or discovering things within the game. For armor customization, not much is given just the regular color choices and only full suits of armor, no more being able to wear different pieces and having a mix of chest, arms, helmet and such. For emblems they are all there plus some new ones to be achieved and unlocked.

Over all I would say this game, even though had its rough beginning, has made it to where it needs to be in a good amount of time. If you have a Xbox One, this is one game you should grab, especially if you have never played any of them, all fours games for the price of one and a huge multitude of other extras. So I give it a 9 out of 10 just because they did happen to take a little bit of their sweet time to fix some issues, with out enough info to the public of their plans.


Final Flight: Space Escape, Debut!

So this game has been the making for a while now, just kidding not that long. But it was made by a friend of mine as one of his school final projects. So far so good, it is some what difficult but a good challenge nevertheless! I gave it a 5.5/10 for being good without bugs, free and also since it is not a new idea, sorry Kevin but you did get the average score! Check it out here!




Murdered: Soul Suspect Review

Murdered starts off with the main character Ronan a cop in Salem Massachusetts chasing the games villain the Bell Killer. Within seconds Ronan is murdered by the Bell Killer and finds out that he is still attached to the world.

The gameplay centers mainly on finding clues to solve an investigation. The investigations either take place in one room or in an outdoor area. If you move too far away from an investigation site the game will let you know through text that you are too far away and will not find any clues. Once enough clues have been found Ronan will need to select certain clues in order to progress the story. Picking the wrong clues has no negative impact and will lock them from future use.

The other large game mechanic is possession. This is when Ronan hops into a living thing and can persuade them to think certain thoughts, eavesdrop, and listen to their thoughts. Very few times has possessing a random person and listening to their thoughts been rewarding. The best part about possession is taking over cats which have a lot of maneuverability and the ability to make them meow.

Moving around the game world ranges from interesting to why did they even add the ability to walk through walls into the game. Most of the walls are blue or unpassthoughable by ghosts really detracting from how cool it is to walk through walls, fences, tables, garbage trucks, and planks.

There are enemy encounters in the game. These focus on a demon patrolling a certain area. There are really only two options for these encounters. The first option is to just book it and possess the empty areas (which throw off the demons for a few second) and try to make it to the next part of the level. The other option is to dissolve the demon by sneaking up behind them and “finishing” them. There are ethereal crows positioned around the encounter that when activated will distract the demons allowing for easier takedowns or sneaking.

Side quests are mostly just an investigation centering on trying to figure out what happened to some unlucky soul. None of them seemed interesting and mostly just filler. Also there are TONS of collectibles.

The story starts off interesting with your death. It then becomes boring with very few plot points to keep things interesting. With one sort-of twist at the end the story.

Overall Murdered: Soul Suspect is technically fine with few to no glitches. The game is a point and click with a lackluster story and annoying clue hunting mechanics. Without good gameplay or a compelling story it is hard to recommend the game for anyone.


Ubisoft Game Review


A fantastic review of Ubisoft and Watch_Dogs by NeoGaf which I unfortunately (In the case of Watch_Dogs) agree almost whole-heartedly with. Also if you want to watch The Woods puts around in Watch_Dogs 1v1 gametypes head here!


“After nine months of non-stop marketing, Ubisoft Game is finally here. But does it live up to expectations? Find out in our review.

By now we’ve all heard of Ubisoft Game, and if you haven’t, then you’ve been living under a rock. Ubisoft Game is the latest in a long line of titles from Ubisoft, and with a bigger budget than ever before and no less than 75 of Ubisoft’s 193 global studios working on it, there’s no doubt that this year’s Ubisoft Game is going to be the big one.

You can play Ubisoft Game on basically any platform of your choice, but we’ve been reviewing it on a next-gen console, because that’s the platform it was made for.

Ubisoft Game is the story of Main Character, a gruff or sassy white man who is really good at parkour, killing, and killing while doing parkour. One of the most iconic features of Main Character is the way he dresses — Main Character’s sense of style and flair really comes across in his tailored outfit, which makes him look distinctive and features a number of clear symbols that can be easily used in marketing and merchandising.

The game takes place in a big open world, with lots of people and maybe even animals living in it. That sounds like it should be a paradise, but it’s not — a Bad Thing has happened and Main Character is right in the thick of it. Or maybe he’s the only one who can stop it? The story in Ubisoft Game is a bit uncompelling, but that’s okay, because there’s just so much to see and do.

A key mechanic of Ubisoft Game is that control points on the map need to be ‘captured’ to unlock particular areas. Each control point is a challenge and gives you influence over that particular area, and allows you do your parkour or whatever without being attacked by the bad guys. When you’re not capturing control points with your Good Parkour Skills, you don’t have to go and do the main story, although Main Character’s skills don’t unlock until you do which is kind of annoying. There’s lots to see and do. Ubisoft Game is filled with side activities such as This Gambling Game, Beating Up Enemies Until You Are Told To Stop, Looking For Collectibles, and Tailing Somebody Somewhere For Some Reason.

You can also do the thing which works offline with your companion app, which you can download. Once you’ve got the thing, you can use your companion app to do it, on your tablet or smart phone! It’s neat and impressive, but does it add much to the game? We’re not sure.


Ubisoft Game comes in about 4,027 different editions depending on where you buy it and what phase of the moon you’re in at the time, so it’s hard to know if any of the mountains of DLC, Unlockable Extras, Side Missions and Add-Ons for Ubisoft Game change anything significantly about the main story. What we can tell you though is that Ubisoft Game has some neat easter eggs that also make references to other Ubisoft Games, which is nice.

We also took Ubisoft Game for a quick spin on PC, and it’s a mixed bag. Sometimes Ubisoft Game is good on PC and sometimes it isn’t, and this Ubisoft Game follows the same pattern. It’s definitely meant for a controller though, unless you’re doing some shooting. That’s much better with a keyboard and mouse. For those of you wondering — yes, Ubisoft Game uses Uplay. Sorry.

All in all, Ubisoft Game is a game that Ubisoft have made. You’ll play it if you like that sort of thing, and in fact it has already sold 250 million copies.”

Falling Titans


Titanfall feels different from other shooters the moment you start the game up. The tutorial starts in a simulator that give you a brief overview of the core game mechanics. From the start it feels new, exciting, and a little bit scary.

When the jumping portion showed up I began to wonder how in the hell am I going to pull this off while shooting at other players? (Not well) but that’s not the point. The ability to seemingly fly around does make it harder to shoot someone but it also will get you to the next vantage point to begin picking off enemies.

Another factor that makes Titanfall different from the competition is the inclusion of Computer Controlled bots into the multiplayer. At first these bots seem to be extraneous and entirely too stupid. The more I played the game however I came to the conclusion that they are necessary and entirely too much fun.

The bots serve more of a purpose than to just be fodder. Chiefly they help to bring your titan in quicker. A titan is a large metal monster of death that can trample and annihilate all but the most determined of ground opposition, or another titan.

Bots also allow for a more meta game mechanic that works to weed out campers (mainly in attrition) and revealing enemy players blips on the minimap (unless thy are using a silenced weapon)

Titanfall has 5 gameplay modes, Attrition (team death match), Last Titan Standing (1 life with 1 titan), Capture the Flag, Hardpoint Domination (capture and hold), and Pilot Hunter (killing bots does not add to score only titan time)

One of the things I came to like is the slim weapon selection that Titanfall offers. The reason that it is nice to have little choice is that the most powerful weapon for each traditional category is the only option. This philosophy is translated into weapon attachments as well with only a few choice options for each weapons.

Unfortunately even with the small arsenal there is no cosmetic customizations which is disappointing to say the least.

The wierdest choice that Titanfall makes is the “Campaign” which is the exact same multiplayer with a different intro and ending scene. The biggest problem with the campaign is that it segregates the playerbase and is looking more and more empty by the day as players that have finished move to regular matchmaking playlists.

Overall Titanfall is an immensely fun game that pumps the action up to 11. However it does feel a bit light on content.

Overall a well made first step by Respawn that will hopefully iterate and add more content in the future. Gameplay is king in Titanfall and it shows and elevates the game even when other parts seem to be missing content.



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